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Oct. 31 - Dec. 19

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42-hour LSAT course
+ 8 hours of tutoring
2023 Price: $2290
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Gaining admission to a top-tier law school requires an LSAT score in the top percentile. If you wish to have expert help in mastering the Logic Games, surmounting old bad habits that may hinder your success in Reading Comprehension, and overcoming preconceptions to properly structure Logical Reasoning arguments, LSAT Elite provides the LSAT preparation that you need: the overall strategic approach of our course curriculum coupled with extensive 1-1 tutoring.

LSAT Class

for December LSAT Exam

Last Chance for Law School Deadlines

October 31 - December 19
Tue/Thu 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

LSAT Class

for February LSAT Exam

January 9 - February 8
Tue/Thu/Fri 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

LSAT Elite Course

LSAT Plus includes our comprehensive 42-hour LSAT course (already a highly personalized learning experience) and 8 hours of 1-1 tutoring with your professor.

As you aim for a top LSAT score, LSAT Elite will prepare you not only to overcome your weaknesses but also to race your strengths.

In addition to our LSAT prep course's rigorous, focused curriculum and effective learning materials, you'll benefit from working extensively with Austin LSAT Prep's experienced professors, who will provide the techniques and strategy required to advance your score to the elite level.

LSAT Classes are taught in person. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you in advance.
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What You'll Receive

from LSAT Elite

  • 42 hours of face-to-face instruction; small-group class with a high level of personal attention
  • 8-hours of expert tutoring with your professors
  • Focused, effective study curriculum covering Argument Analysis, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension topics and strategy, enhanced by tutoring sessions
  • All LSAT books and study materials for the course
  • Experienced professors with LSAT prep expertise and extensive teaching experience
Comprehensive Coverage of LSAT topics.

Typical Structure of the LSAT Course

Workshop 1: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Workshop 2: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Workshop 3: 3 hours
Topic: Logic Games
Workshop 4: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Homework: PrepTest 73
Workshop 5: 3 hours
Topic: Reading Comprehension
Homework: PrepTest 74
Workshop 6: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Homework: PrepTest 75
Workshop 7: 3 hours
Topic: Logic Games
Homework: PrepTest 76
Workshop 8: 3 hours
Topic: Reading Comprehension
Homework: PrepTest 77
"Having already taken the LSAT once, I knew my weaknesses. Dr. Amar was able to help me develop strategies to push my score up to its fullest potential, whereas other courses I had asked could not help me tailor strategies past the ~165 level.”

-  Roy
Workshop 9: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Homework: PrepTest 78
Workshop 10: 3 hours
Topic: Logic Games
Homework: PrepTest 79
Workshop 11: 3 hours
Topic: Argument Analysis
Homework: PrepTest 80
Workshop 12: 3 hours
Topic: Logic Games
Homework: PrepTest 81

The above schedule is typical and apportions time, in decreasing order, to Argument Analysis, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension. This allocation is subject to dynamic adjustment depending on the needs and performance of the class.

Workshop 14: 3 hours
Workshop 13: 3 hours
Topic: Reading Comprehension
Review problem sections
Topic: Argument Analysis
End of the LSAT Course
Request 1-1 Tutoring
directly from your professor

Suggested Use of Your LSAT Tutoring

To maximize the use of your time, try to schedule your tutoring sessions to coincide with your practice tests. Reviewing the results of your practice tests with your professor will allow you to come to a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, prepare for the LSAT exam with a purposeful strategy, and gain the most benefit from your studies.

We have found that long periods of intensive tutoring may have diminishing returns. Instead, we recommend a two-hour tutoring session, with a short break at the one-hour mark, to allow you to focus and absorb new information effectively..

You will raise your LSAT score with our program. Guaranteed.
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