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LSAT Preparation Options

Choose the level of help and preparation that you need. You may upgrade to LSAT Plus at any time, supplement your coursework with tutoring hours, or even add LSAT admissions consulting services after you have achieved your desired score. All LSAT classes are taught in-person.

The Best LSAT Preparation Option for you
Austin LSAT Prep's comprehensive LSAT prep course
Get 39 hours of comprehensive, expert instruction. Our LSAT course will reveal strategic approaches to your LSAT preparation. $1450.
Austin LSAT Prep's LSAT Plus course package
LSAT Plus (41 hours of LSAT preparation) includes the LSAT class, plus a 2-hour consultation on your practice tests. $1650.
LSAT Elite with Austin LSAT Prep
LSAT Elite (47 hours of LSAT preparation) includes the LSAT class combined with 8 hours of tutoring with your professors: $2290.
LSAT Tutoring with Austin LSAT Prep
Work with a top-notch tutor to improve any specific areas of weakness to do better on the LSAT exam. $125 per hour / 2 hours minimum.
An Exceptional LSAT Prep Experience.
Focused. Intelligent. Personalized. Strategic.

Taking a uniquely strategic approach to LSAT preparation, Austin LSAT Prep can help you raise your LSAT score.
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