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Can’t make it to our LSAT class? No worries. Get 30 hours of 1-1 instruction and a test prep plan, customized just for you.

Students of Austin Elite Prep receive the best GRE preparation in the Comprehensive GRE Course.
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30-hour Custom GRE Course
(15 tutoring sessions,
2 hours each)
2021 Price: $3000
$350 non-refundable deposit required

Maybe you need to study for the GRE on your own schedule. Maybe you want the flexibility of creating your own GRE course, allowing you to focus on specific problem areas. Maybe you just learn better from a tutor. Whatever your reason, Austin Elite Prep’s Custom GRE Course provides you a 30-hour tutoring package and a personalized GRE prep plan.

Your study priorities, your schedule, and a plan to meet your needs – we will work with you to design a custom GRE prep plan, and teach you the best ways to approach the exam.

Contact us with your schedule needs, and get 15 tutoring sessions (two hours each session), allowing you to either focus deeply on several problem areas or gain the equivalent of a comprehensive GRE course. To make the most of your Custom GRE Course, plan to take up to five practice tests on your own.

What You'll Receive

from Austin Elite Prep's Custom GRE Course

  • Discounted package of 30 hours of tutoring (2-hour tutoring sessions)
  • Customized GRE prep plan as agreed upon by you and your professor
  • All GRE books and study materials for your GRE preparation
  • Tutoring provided by one of our highly qualified professors, who have experience coaching students on tough GRE topics
GRE Tutoring Is Conducted live online by our professors. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you.
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Choose your own GRE Prep Topics

Building Blocks of a Customized GRE Prep Plan

Overall Topics
Specific Areas
10 hours
Basic GRE Math Review
Coordinate geometry
Comparison questions
"Dr. Amar honed in on my weak points and gave me time-saving, concrete strategies to solve problems that were tripping me up and costing me a lot of points. His approach to problems were unique in that they were much easier to understand/perform than strategies suggested in the other materials I read. By the end, I felt like I truly had a grasp on even the more challenging math concepts and I (almost) enjoyed doing practice problems."

- Ellie
10 hours
Advanced GRE Math Topics
Terminating / non-terminating decimals
(advancing your ability to apply fundamental concepts in various situations and analyze data)
Variables in exponents
Math of equally spaced numbers

For Austin Elite Prep's refund policy, please see the Enrollment Agreement.

The requirements for your Custom GRE Course and the schedule for each two-hour tutoring session will be discussed in advance and planned for in advance. GRE books and study materials will be provided in advance of the course, so you can begin studying immediately. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Combinations and counting methods
Tree diagrams
Venn diagrams
Funny symbols
Techniques to apply fundamental concepts to varying question types and analyze data efficiently
10 hours
GRE Verbal Reasoning Topics
Reading comprehension (techniques to efficiently draw conclusions and inferences, understand structure of text, and discover author's position and assumptions)Text completion and sentence equivalence (techniques to understand logic and consistency)
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