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Comprehensive LSAT Class

Get the preparation that you need to succeed and learn the strategies engaged in by the highest scoring students on the LSAT. The "most obvious" strategies for solving the LSAT problems often result in either incorrect answers or a time crunch, or both.


Learn the strategies that the test makers expect you to use to solve the problems. Austin LSAT Prep's Comprehensive LSAT Class gives you 42 hours of live instruction that covers the optimum strategies for each of the three sections of the LSAT and provides the practice you need to perform well on the test.

Austin LSAT Prep Classes


Workshop 1:        3 hours:       Introduction, Argument Analysis          


Workshop 2:        3 hours:       Argument Analysis                  


Workshop 3:        3 hours:       Logic Games                                                


Workshop 4:        3 hours:       Argument Analysis                  PrepTest 63


Workshop 5:        3 hours:       Reading Comprehension          PrepTest 64        


Workshop 6:        3 hours:       Argument Analysis                  PrepTest 65


Workshop 7:        3 hours:       Logic Games                           PrepTest 66


Workshop 8:        3 hours:       Reading Comprehension          PrepTest 67


Workshop 9:        3 hours:       Argument Analysis                  PrepTest 68


Workshop 10:      3 hours:       Logic Games                           PrepTest 69


Workshop 11:      3 hours:       Argument Analysis                   PrepTest 70


Workshop 12:      3 hours:       Logic Game                             PrepTest 71


Workshop 13:      3 hours:       Reading Comprehension           Review problem sections


Workshop 14:      3 hours:       Argument Analysis                   Review problem sections

Typical Structure of LSAT Course

Session         Time       Topics                         Homework

The class sessions are led by exceptionally qualified instructors who have advanced degrees and teaching experience.


In addition to systematic classroom instruction and practice, you will receive a high level of personal attention. This is enabled by the small size of our classes, with enrollment limited to twelve (12) students per class. Need a question answered while studying at home? Just contact your professor and get your question answered.


LSAT crash courses may not yield high test scores. Austin LSAT Prep's structured and well-paced program will. We do not teach tricks. We teach the fundamentals and show you how to apply them to real LSAT problems in an efficient manner. At Austin LSAT Prep we are committed to providing you with a rewarding LSAT preparation experience with the result you seek. You will raise your LSAT score with our program. Guaranteed.

Year 2018 Price: $1450

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to enroll. The remainder ($1250), less any applicable discount, is due on the first day of class. All fees paid to Austin LSAT Prep are non-refundable.

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LSAT Class for

June & July 2018 Test

April 17 - May 31

Read about our faculty.

The above schedule is typical and apportions time, in decreasing order, to Argument Analysis, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension. This allocation is subject to dynamic adjustment depending on the needs and performance of the class.

Tue/Thu 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

LSAT Class for September 2018 Test

July 24 - September 6

Tue/Thu 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm