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Work with a veteran instructor to get the best LSAT tutoring. The best LSAT prep classes with a structured curriculum and knowledgeable, experienced instructors.

Austin LSAT Prep offers exceptional quality LSAT courses and personal coaching to students in the Austin / Round Rock / San Marcos area.


Your LSAT test score can make the difference to whether you are accepted into your target law school. No matter what your undergraduate major is, Austin LSAT Prep can improve your chances by helping you raise your LSAT score.

Comprehensive LSAT Classes and Tutoring

Our LSAT review courses offer a comprehensive, paced curriculum that covers what you need to know using proven teaching methods to allow you to really absorb and learn the materials.


We place the highest value on the quality of learning and emphasize individual attention. Our LSAT instruction is provided face-to-face in a comfortable classroom. To maximize the personal attention and interaction that you will need, we keep our LSAT prep classes small.

Austin LSAT Prep offers flexible choices to meet your individual LSAT preparation needs.


Most students preparing for the test benefit from the Comprehensive LSAT Class. This course systematically and thoroughly reviews all three sections of the LSAT and provides LSAT practice. The LSAT review course is offered before each exam and typically runs for six weeks. Students receive 42 hours of face-to-face classroom instruction (14 sessions of three hours each), covering logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning (logic games).


We provide class materials including books, notes, and practice tests. For most students, the class and prescribed practice are the best way to prep for LSAT.


Students who want to strengthen performance in areas requiring extra attention may sign up for 1-1 Tutoring. LSAT tutoring may be chosen as a supplement to our LSAT prep classes or a stand-alone option.



Austin LSAT Prep offers the best LSAT prep in the Austin / Round Rock / San Marcos area. LSAT Class 1-1 Tutoring


When you begin to prep for LSAT, it's good to have experience on your side. Our LSAT class  sessions are taught by experienced instructors who hold advanced degrees at the masters and doctorate level.


2019 LSAT Test Dates:

Saturday, January 26

Saturday, March 30

Monday, June 3

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The Austin LSAT Prep Advantage

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Logic reasoning. Reading comprehension. Analytical reasoning. You have the capability to do well on the LSAT, but studying for LSAT on your own is tough. What you need is LSAT testing strategies, explanations, practice, and  coaching.


LSAT preparation is much easier when you understand the principles behind the test. Austin LSAT Prep classes emphasize concept learning. Each practice question is broken down into comprehensible steps to help reinforce your LSAT testing strategy.


Once you understand, you practice. When you take the LSAT practice tests, you have our expert professor analyze your outcome and figure out how you can improve your LSAT score. We work with you through every step of your LSAT preparation.

Why Take the Austin LSAT Prep Course?

Our Guarantee

We are based in Austin; we are here to support you as you prepare for the LSAT.

Our guarantee is simple: After taking our LSAT prep course, if you think you can do better, come back and re-take the class at no extra cost. No fine print. We  want you to achieve the best LSAT score that you can.

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