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1-1 LSAT Tutoring

To Schedule: Use the Contact  form or call us at 512.587.8694. Please indicate the number of hours needed and preferred dates/times. We will work with you to set up a mutually convenient schedule.

Austin LSAT Prep 1-1 Tutoring


Austin LSAT Prep offers you a set of  flexible and open choices for LSAT preparation.


To strengthen your LSAT performance in areas that require extra attention, you may sign up for as many hours of tutoring as you need, subject to a minimum requirement of two hours per session. You will be tutored by the same professor who teaches our comprehensive LSAT class.

Year 2018 Price: $120/hour

Minimum Hours: 2

Payment Options: Advance payment is required for all 1-1 tutoring sessions. Click below to pre-pay with your credit/bank card.


Remember, you don't have to enroll in our LSAT class to take advantage of our 1-1  tutoring. We  welcome students registered at competitors' LSAT classes who may need just a few hours of individualized help.

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